Below are some of the cool projects I’ve been involved with (that I’m allowed to talk about).

Digital Sensory StorytellingDigital Sensory Storytelling


At Cannes Lions, Digital Hollywood, and elsewhere, I have been presenting my point of view about how to use touch to tell stories. more →

TouchSense ForceTouchSense Force


TouchSense Force enables cross-platform haptic design for VR and gaming. Details coming soon. In the meantime, find out more on Road to VRTom’s Hardware, and Upload VR.

Tactile IllusionsTactile Illusions


Tactile Illusions explored the possibility of creating illusions of materiality and physicality on a pressure-sensitive handset. more →

Immersive Video


Watching video on mobile devices is more engaging when eyes, ears, and hands are all stimulated at once. Details coming soon. In the meantime, find out more on the product page.

prt_1458613648_2x.pngInstinctive Alerts


Instinctive Alerts is a design framework that enables better notifications for wearable devices. more →

future_of_wearables.pngFuture of Wearables


Future of Wearables explored how context and body movement can be integrated into the wearable computing experience. more →

Haptic video prototypingHaptic Video Prototyping


In order to “sketch” tactile experiences quickly and allow for design iteration, we created an innovative prototyping process that utilizes video and animation. more →

Enzo's PinballEnzo’s Pinball


Enzo’s Pinball was a commercially released Android game that demonstrated a few new interaction ideas for mobile games. more →

fuse-thumb.jpgFuse concept phone


Fuse combined new sensors, actuators, and UI design to envision a futuristic mobile user interface. more →

Immersion PinballImmersion Pinball


Immersion Pinball demonstrates a tablet-based multiplayer game with immersive feedback. more →

Immersive MessagingImmersive Messaging


Immersive Messaging is an app that lets you touch other people through the screen of a phone. more →


2005 — 2008

Rulers is a musical instrument I developed at a Stanford music technology workshop. It’s been through several design revisions, and pieces for Rulers have been composed and performed in many recitals. more →

WYSIWYGWYSIWYG: Wearable, Sonic Instruments With Gesture

2006 — 2007

WYSIWYG was a collaboration among fiber artists, scientists, and musicians to develop interactive cloth that produces sound. more →



Breakflute is an electronic flute that plays breakbeat patterns. It demonstrates that new musical instrument designs are possible with an understanding of gesture and musical cognition. more →

Design of Input Devices for MusicDesign of Input Devices for Music


Design of Input Devices for Music was a seminar I taught that offered hands-on experience with sensors, interfaces, and synthesis software. more →

Powerplant FamilyPowerplant Family


Powerplant Family was group of 23 artists from various disciplines. We held an exhibition that explored the relationship between nature and technology. more →



Miniatures was an artistic collaboration among researchers and university faculty. We produced several sound recordings, videos, and performances. more →

Lucie GrégoireAkousma


I designed a Jitter-based system that turns dance into music. It was used by contemporary dancer Lucie Grégoire and composer Robert Normandeau in the Akousma concert series. more →



SensorWiki is an online resource hosted by McGill University that provides information about sensors and interface technologies. more →

Understanding musical interactionUnderstanding musical interaction

2004 — 2006

Some of my research has focused on developing new design theories for musical devices. more →

Commotion + ContingenceCommotion + Contingence


Commotion + Contingence are two electronic instruments I created. They were played in several concerts, as well as on CBC Radio One. more →