Two new open-source force feedback tools from Europe

MICOLE Architecture SDK is an open-source library for multi-modal educational applications. One of the first releases is a <a href="haptic model of the solar system. Cool!

Also, H3DAPI 2.0 beta was released yesterday:

Built on the industry standards OpenGL and X3D, H3DAPI enables rapid haptics application development using X3D and Python alone. More major projects have been developed by extending H3DAPI capabilities with C++.

The improved H3DAPI 2.0 beta now uses SenseGraphics’ own haptics API (HAPI), which grants users more freedom and control in haptics rendering. Users could now choose from more haptics renderers, including SensAble’s OpenHaptics, Chai3D, and H3D point and sphere-based renderers. Its modular design meant that users of the open source H3DAPI could easily extend the platform, whether it is adding their own rendering algorithms, force effects, or haptic surfaces. The latest version of H3DAPI also comes with more device support, including the range of haptic devices by SensAble, ForceDimension, Novint and MOOG FCS.