About David Birnbaum

David_Birnbaum-0018RT2-Linkedin3.png Hi there! I’m a designer, inventor, and public speaker on the topics of emotional design, embodied communication, and immersive entertainment.

Since 2005, I’ve been designing apps, games, phones, wearables, musical instruments, automotive interfaces, medical devices, ads, and VR with haptics. I believe involving the sense of touch in digital experiences enriches people’s lives. Millions of people have been (literally) touched by my work.

I shut down most of my social media presence in 2017. (If this interests you, reach out and I’ll help you think through the trade-offs of doing it yourself.) You can still find me on LinkedIn.

I’ve been mixing electronic music pretty much all my life. You can find some of my DJ mixes here. To gain the cognitive benefits of instrumental performance, a few years ago I committed to learning banjo to an advanced level. Why banjo? It’s the opposite of electronic music, it’s portable, and it has a really cool timbre.

Oh yeah, and this blog is a personal project and the opinions here are strictly my own.

Thanks for reading!