Beatport upgrade promises to "redefine your senses"

Beatport, my favorite music shop, is getting an upgrade this January 21st. The promotional site uses the five Aristotelian senses as a marketing tool. So far, only two of the upgrades have been revealed, Hear and Taste. Some reactions and thoughts:

An upgraded preview player includes a volume slider and a playlist. The playlist is brilliant because it allows you to add up to 200 songs and then listen continuously, which I predict will cause me to come to the site a lot more often just to put on a long list of music and let my computer play while I do other things. I could see myself leaving my computer for a while, but then noticing that a track is really cool and coming over to buy it. The addition of a volume slider is a surprising. User tests must have found that this was a requested feature, but I hate having multiple gain controls for the same digital source. Everyone should know how to use their computer’s volume controller, why clutter the Beatport interface by adding another one?
New content finding and filtering tools have been dubbed an upgrade to “taste.” Kinda cute metaphor. Hard to judge how useful this will be until I try it. If the new tools bring me more music that is to my taste, it’s a win.
I can’t imagine the metaphorical sense in which Beatport will improve its smell. Allowing you to “sniff out” better music? Shipping Beatport merchandise that smells like crates of records and spilt beer? This blogger speculates that it could be some sort of green-angle thing, like, since you are downloading music instead of shipping it, there’s less air pollution. That would be lame!
This is almost certainly the addition of album artwork. Especially now that Traktor Pro can handle it, the lack of album art on Beatport is a major shortcoming. I don’t care what the artwork consists of, I just want a visual cue to accompany the verbal and auditory ones that create the idea of a piece of music in my mind.
Well, again I have no idea what they have in mind here. Maybe the user interface has been made snappier, which could make it metaphorically more responsive to the user’s touch. That would be nice.

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