Online tools for project management and collaboration

I’m in the process of helping select a project management tool for a company I’m working with. There are a lot of options out there, so we’ve been setting up new accounts on each one and seeing how they work. This has had the effect of totally fragmenting our work, but once we decide, I think it’s going to help us a lot. Here are our requirements:

  • Easy to set up client and associate accounts with limited permissions;
  • Useful for executive types as well as designers and engineers;
  • Visualization of tasks and schedules, preferably a Gantt chart;
  • Bloggy, at-a-glance commenting ability.

Even with so many solutions available, none of them seem to be exactly what we want. So, in case there is anyone else in our boat, here’s a list of the ones we’re auditing, in no particular order:

I’ll write about my impressions of each one in a future post. Right now, I feel like we need a collaboration tool to use in order to help us settle on a collaboration tool.

2 thoughts on “Online tools for project management and collaboration

  1. How many team members you have? I’ve got 15 in my team and we’re using Wrike for collaboration. We’ve tried a couple of others, but Wrike has email integration, task tagging and VERY flexible structure. I couldn’t find it in any other tools.

  2. Hey Matias,

    Thanks for the comment. We have temporarily decided on Zoho, because of our interactive Gantt chart requirement. However, I would NOT recommend it. It is user-unfriendly. Our partners (who are no strangers to computers) are finding its layout and functionality confusing. I’ll take a second look at Wrike.

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